Micheline Auger 
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"Auger and her collaborators deliver a work that feels different from much that’s currently on view in our culture with a focus on a pair of female protagonists who deal with work, love, and sex in a modern urban setting."
Martin Denton
NYTheater Now 

"Auger has an undeniable talent and a feminist swagger in her voice."
Aurin Squire
New York Theatre Review

"A brilliant new comedic play. Smith, Anselmi, Oh and Crozier, are all smart actors brilliantly directed by Audrey Alford without a false note in the entire show."Lillian Rodriguez
Film Annex

"It’s like the modern day Vagina Monologues. Men might think it’s not for them. Well if you’re a man reading this, it is for you! How about I put it plain and simple: If you are a human being YOU MUST SEE THIS SHOW."
Heather Boddy

"A sharp, hilarious dark comedy exploring the fine line between female sexual exploration and exploitation."
Ludus NYC

"Four people maneuver through their relationships in a modern little play that (hallelujah!) knocks the stuffing out of a zeitgeist that is very potent and very scary... Raise your glass of Merlot, for here is excellent theater."
Jack Mauro

New York Theater Review
Indie Theater Now
Call Me Adam
Astute Radio

Cleo Gray and Lauren Dortch-Crozier in Donkey Punch - Off Broadway production

  4 stars!

A woman tries monogamy while her best friend dates a pornographer in Micheline Auger's look at sex and love in the modern age.

"Crackling dialogue
Voyeuristic thrills 
Inevitable juicy postshow conversation"
-Raven Snook
Time Out

Donkey Punch is currently nominated for 3 Innovative Theater Awards!
  • Outstanding Original Full Length Script - Micheline Auger
  • Outstanding Premier Production of a Play - Ivy Theatre
  • Outstanding Actress in a Lead Role - Diana Oh (Off-Off-Broadway production)

I produced Write Out Front and hosted over 125 playwrights writing new plays in the window of the Drama Book Shop! (New plays yay!) Next WOF coming...

And was honored by being voted one of IndieTheater Now's 2014 People of the Year

  • The There to Where You're Headed is being developed by Riot Act
  • Men of Steel. (That's all I need to say about that for now)
  • Degradation Play had a successful Reading by NYMadness at IRT in July
  • More cool stuff coming soon!